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Wholesale cell phone accessory iWalk - Duo 3000 Power Bank 3,000 mAh for Apple Lightning and

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  • iWalk - Duo 3000 Power Bank 3,000 mAh for Apple Lightning and Micro USB Devices - Black
  • Universal
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  • $29.99
  • Part Number: UBO3000-001A
  • Part ID: 239837
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iWalk Duo 3000 Power Bank 3,000 mAh For Micro USB and Apple Lightning Devices

The iWalk Duo 3000 has a built-in Lightning cable and micro USB cable. A short, separate micro USB cable for charging of the power bank is included and can be charged via a micro-USB port at the top of the battery next to the on/off button. On the front of the Duo 3000 a small blue status light is incorporated. The 3000 mAh power bank is suitable for charging and iOS devices can be charged at standard 1A speeds.

Product Features:

  • 3,000 mAh rechargeable li-Polymer battery
  • Built-in micro USB charge cable with Apple 8-pin lightning connector makes it compatible with any device
  • Similar size to a credit card makes it super compact, thin and pocket friendly
  • Stylish diamond pattern design
Compatible Phone Model(s): UNIVERSAL
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First Received: 2018-06-21